High Frequency Words

We have English each day which includes Guided Reading, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Writing. In addition a variety of genres are studied in the link learning units and RE.

English gives the children many opportunities for Speaking and Listening in groups, pairs and whole class. Speaking and Listening is also encouraged across the whole curriculum.

Reading is a vital skill and the children experience a full range of texts. The children progress through the reading scheme and to supplement this we have a library where books can be borrowed. Time on the computers also serves to reinforce reading skills.

There is a wide variety of writing purposes and styles to which the children are introduced. They are asked to consider the effectiveness of writing and how to engage their target audience appropriately. Their work is valued and shared within class and across the school.

Throughout their time at the school the children will be involved in role play and class and whole school presentations.

Phonics are taught through the governments ‘Letters and Sounds’ strategy, together with ‘Read, Write Inc’.

We use ‘real’ books to engender a love of reading. We encourage parents to read with their children.

Learn how to pronounce the Set 1, 2 and 3 pure sounds used in Read Write Inc. Fresh Start.

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start: Sound Pronunciation Guide