Welcome to Loddington School

Loddington School is a member of the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust (PDET)  


Ethos Statement

 At the heart of the Christian faith is the call to love God and to love our neighbour.

Loddington Church of England Primary School’s ethos is firmly grounded in these Christian values which inform all school activity, while respecting and understanding others’ faith, belief and culture as well as those who do not have a faith or belief.

We strongly believe that we must provide a holistic, respectful and child centred experience that allows each and every child to achieve their full potential.

Sports School of the year 2016


Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you find our website informative and helpful and that you enjoy reading it.  The website can, of course, paint only the briefest picture of our school, which is a busy and lively place.  You are warmly invited to come and visit us, talk to the staff and pupils and generally try to get to know us better.  We have a committed, hardworking and able staff who is supported by the governing body and the Friends of Loddington.  We encourage parents to actively contribute to the life of the school, this may be by coming in during the school day to help in the classroom or listen to readers, coming to special events either in school or outside of school hours and to help the Friends of Loddington by attending fundraising activities or indeed being a Committee member or helping at events.

Our school serves the villages of Loddington, Thorpe Malsor and Orton, and the wider community who are connected with the churches of Rothwell, St Andrew’s, Cransley and St Giles, Desborough. Children from other areas may also be admitted when numbers allow.

We know that Loddington has much to offer your child in terms of education, personal development, growth, and achievement.  Your child also has talents, skills, dreams and insights to offer the school.  With your help we endeavour to discover these talents and to develop your child’s potential and encourage your child to flourish.

Sue Walters


Loddington School Leaderboard

Each pupil has been placed in a House group (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange or Purple). Every week pupils can collect housepoints. The running totals are listed below.