School Closures

Whilst always mindful of any over-riding considerations of Health and Safety, we will always try to remain open for “business as usual”. The fact that there is snow on the ground or that it is still snowing during the school day does not mean that we will automatically close the school. Snow conditions vary enormously and it is often possible to keep functioning in a relatively normal way.

Communicating Decisions and Information.

It is appreciated that parents will need to know at the earliest possible opportunity whether the school is open or not on a given day. Some students get transport at approximately 8am and Breakfast Club would normally be open from 7.45am. Decisions will, if possible, be made by the SMT by 7.00 a.m. so that appropriate communications can be put out.

Parents, staff and students should use the following avenues to find out if the school is closed on a given day: