Essential Information

The School day starts promptly at 8.55 am and stops for lunch at 11.50am with a break of 15 mins at 10.45am

In the afternoon, KS2 classes start at  12.50 pm and finish at 3.20 pm , KS2 children do not have an afternoon break

KS1 classes start at 1.10 pm and finish at 3.20 pm with a short break when appropriate.

Assemblies are held dailyat 3.00 pm

Whilst lessons start at 8.55 am, gates are open at 8.40 am and we expect children to be in for registration by 8.50 am.


All children are expected to do homework and we ask that parents support them in doing this. We do find that not all children complete their homework so parental encouragement is really important.

Maths and English homework is given to children every Wednesday to be returned by Monday the following week. Reading and spelling homework is given daily with spelling homework from weekly spellings.

During the holidays children are set a topic to complete by their teacher in preparation for the new term’s learning.